Animal Health Week 2017

Each year, the CVMA’s annual awareness campaign, “Animal Health Week”, has a different theme. For 2017, it’s “Animal Welfare: Safeguarding the 5 Animal Freedoms”. The two major challenges we addressed were how to connect with such a wide demographic (from pet owners to farmers), and how to concisely portray five distinct Animal Freedoms with a single icon.

The centrepiece of the campaign is the “5” logo. This brightly coloured, custom illustrated icon instantly draws attention. Much thought went into choosing which animals would make up the “5”, to represent the wide range of species that receive veterinary care. Designed to be used together as well as individually, each animal has its own unique colour, and is associated with one of the 5 freedoms throughout the campaign.

Words cannot describe how happy we are with the work of Simzer. The professional quality of the materials they produced, as well as the conduct of their team, far exceeded our expectations. We were consistently provided with expert advice that certainly heightened the quality of our final products.

Lori Tarbett,
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

Promotional video

We approached the video with the intent to provide the full-length version (appearing on waiting room screens in veterinary clinics across Canada), as well as re-purposing clips of the individual freedoms to be used as “snapshots” on social media. One video, multiple applications.

Everyone in our organization truly loved their designs and we were thrilled with the motion graphic they created for our 2017 Animal Health Week campaign. We are already looking forward to working with Simzer on our next project.

Lori Tarbett,
Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

Campaign poster

Tent card

Social media

Shirts and scrubs

Temporary tattoos