Corporate rebrand

As one of the leading companies in data classification, TITUS was looking to create a new brand that would reflect its stature. Our approach was to keep things simple and develop a graphic that was both flexible and represented different layers of security and protection. The overlapping circles symbolized those layers, each working in a different way but toward a common task. We used clean lines, a crisp, fresh colour palette and confident photography to carry the “circles” theme through Titus’ collateral.

TITUS logo in blue rings (brand)
TITUS business card (front)
TITUS business card (back)

Product marketing material

TITUS product marketing material
TITUS product marketing material
TITUS datasheets



TITUS ad (Malaysia)
TITUS display banner
TITUS tradeshow booth
TITUS promotional poster (Moscow)


TITUS ‘Secure’ infographic

Corporate logo animation